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Usually in 1/8 mile sprints, DIY mechanics, hobby racers and small racing teams compete against each other. Head to head, the loser is kicked out. A familiar concept. The new sprint series Essenza goes one step further. Essenza calls the motorcycle manufacturers and importers into the arena. BMW vs. Indian. Battling with Kawasaki and Suzuki. Essenza is looking for a direct comparison of the motorcycle manufacturer and the talented independent teams – a couple of motorsports enthusiasts and custom motorcycle builders who join this professional league. In total: 16 motorcycles.

With a maximum of two cylinders and no more than 1200 cc displacement. The 1/8 mile sprints took place twice this year: 10 – 11 June at the Caferacer Festival Montlhery in France and on 1 – 3 September at Glemseck 101 in Leonberg. All participants designed their vehicles in cooperation with popular bike builders to create individual puristic pieces. The 16 bikes will also enter a design competition: judged by a professional jury and by the public. Eventually, there will be two winners at Essenza: the fastest motorcycle and the best designed bike.


Photo courtesy of Bernd Westphal Photograpy, Ben Ott, SCHMOTT, Michael Raadts.