STARRIRDER: A CB750K with a street-legal nitrous kit.

„The CB750 is one of the most customized bikes of the past half-century. But just when we thought we’d seen every possible permutation, along comes something completely different: a DOHC ‘K’ with a nitrous injection system.“



MOTOISM’s Street-Legal Honda ‘Starrider’ Has A Nitrous Oxide System.

“Lion and Ben Ott of Munich-based MOTOISM are brothers with the incredible talent to cook up motorcycle recipes that are bold and daring. One of their latest projects is the Honda CB750 ‘Starrider’ — which transforms an ‘80s cafe racer into a nitrous-injected road rocket.”


Rated Red

If Darth Vader Had a Motorcycle… ;

„One thing is certain: badass bikes from MOTOISM. Built from a Honda GL500 Silver Wing donor bike, MOTOISM turned his bike into a modern masterpiece, while still preserving its classic ’80s style.“




„In the annals of performance motorcycles, the Honda GL500 Silverwing wouldn’t make the cut — and that was part of the inspiration the MOTOISM GL500-JPN. A massive overhaul takes the formerly sedate little cruiser to modern bike more capable than even Honda could have imagined“


FUEL #8 Spain


„Desde Alemania llega en exclusiva la CX500 que los preparadores de MOTOISM han convertido en una brutal scrambler …“



Bless this Stuff

Honda GL500-JPN;

„Our custom motorbike crush today comes from Germany´s MOTOISM Customs, a workshop ran by two talented brothers. They wanted to create an urban and sporty ride with a reminiscence to the 80s, so they turned a classic Honda GL500 Silver Wing into a retro-cool masterpiece customised to an outstanding level of detail. The bike’s new name is an homage to it’s homeland Japan, it features a spectacular custom fiberglass headlight…“



Honda GL500-JPN Silverwing by Motoism.

„I have a special thing with the Honda CX500. Actually, it was this CX500 Cafe Racer by Sacha Lakic that inspired me to start with BikeBrewers back in 2015. I honestly thought that is was pretty impossible to come close to Lakic’s design let alone equal it. But the guys from MOTOISM, based in Munich, Germany, took a shot and it turned out very, very well…“


BikeEXIF Week 75

Custom Bikes Of The Week:

„Honda GL500 Silver Wing by MOTOISM. Founded in 2015, MOTOISM is a motorcycle-and-apparel company from Munich that plans to specialize in limited runs of custom motorcycles. The Honda Silver Wing you see here is their first series, which is limited to 10 units, and pretty damned exquisite. It’s not often the Silver Wing finds much love in the moto community…“


Glorious Motorcycles

MOTOISM`s Premiere Honda GL500-JPN.

„When we visited the Custombike Show in Bad Salzuflen in December last year –  a show that is considered being the largest of its kind in Europe – we already got a first glimpse at MOTOISM’s first bike, a beautifully customised GL500 that had been customised to an outstanding level of detail. By that time, we were fully sold on the two brother’s work…“


FUEL Magazin  #2/2017

Krieger der modernen Zeit p.56;
Motoism – Die Transformation der Schäferhund-Maschine p.112;


ROADSTER Magazin 04/2017

Silver swing Honda GL500 – Cover;
Jetzt: Living brotherhood p.100;

„Jetzt: Living Brotherhood. Seit vielen Jahren schrauben Sie schon die Brüder Ott. Das Leben, es nahm darüber seinen Gang und immer war da der Traum von der Schrauberei als Daseinsmodel. Vor zwei Jahren schließlich stellten Sie sich die Frage: Wenn nicht jetzt…“


Un nouvel atelier de préparation et 10 exemplaires de GL500-JPN. MOTOISM.


„Motoism est un tout nouveau garage de customisation basé dans le sud de l’Allemagne à Munich. Dédié aux motos anciennes, Motoism a pour objectif de fabriquer des bécanes personnalisées en petite série…“


CUSTOMBIKE Magazin 04/2017

Partner in crime p.10;

„Die GL500 war der Nachfolger der als Güllepumpe bekannten Honda CX, der MOTOISM - Umbau setzt auf eine rohe und einfache optische Präsenz, nutzt aber im Detail hochwertigste Komponenten, wie das Öhlins-Racing-Federbein oder Tokico-Doppelscheiben für sicheres Bremsen…“