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TM• Customizable fork cover

Made in Germany
Min.10 mm
Max.80 mm
Min.20 mm
Max.200 mm
Min.0 Grad
Max.90 Grad

VAT included. and free return shipping within Germany

Shipping time 2-3 working days


With the MOTOISM Tailor-Made process , you can adapt your components to your motorcycle without compromise. Just tell us your desired dimensions and we will manufacture the perfect component for your motorcycle.

In order to avoid annoying vibration noises, our fork covers are delivered with rubber O-rings . These must be mounted above and below the cover.

With the MOTOISM fork covers you can change the look of your motorcycle in no time at all.
In combination with matching bellows, the fork looks much more massive and the chrome disappears.

  • Tailor-made - adapts perfectly to your tubular frame
  • carbon fiber reinforced high-performance plastic
  • is delivered in pairs
  • easy to assemble
  • minimal weight
  • Lacquer finish in matt black
  • very resistant

Adapted to your bike

Do you have any questions or need advice on our components?
Just drop us a massage: support@motoism-customs.com

Fork Cover

Item number:7795023282388