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Seamless triple button

Made in Germany

VAT included. and free return shipping within Germany - from an order value of 100€

Shipping time 4-5 working days


Seamless button with high-quality, anodized push buttons

With the black seamless handlebar buttons in combination with a motogadget m.unit or a comparable digital control unit, you reduce the number of built-in buttons and create a slim and tidy design on your handlebars.

Assembly :

  • The fixation on the handlebar against twisting or slipping is done with an M4 Allen headless set screw.

  • The cables can either be routed through a hole in the handlebars or along the handlebars.

  • carbon fiber reinforced plastic
  • opt. mini LED indicator lights
  • is screwed between the handlebar brackets
  • Cable routing through the handlebars and outside possible
  • fits almost every model
  • easy to assemble
  • minimal weight
  • high-quality lacquer finish in matt black
  • very resistant

Universally suitable for various bikes.

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Push Buttons,

Item number:7782144737492