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Made in Germany

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With conventional headlight masks you have to make a compromise between the swoop (lateral lines) and the headlight adjustment. With the CONTROLPIT THREE you can set both perfectly, independently of each other.

In the first step the headlight is adjusted, in the second step the mask on the headlight. A specially developed adjustment mechanism is planned for this purpose.

For variants that include the product Motoscope mini, the product must be ordered separately. The indicator lights are included.

  • Motoscope mini

You can also find the KOSO Thunderbolt in our shop:

  • -> KOSO Thunderbolt <-

Please note that the appearance differs depending on the combination of optional equipment. Note the listed images.

  • Easy to assemble with the mounting system for the CONTROLPIT-THREE
  • Perfect fit for the THUNDERBOLT headlight from KOSO
  • motoscope mini mount (digital speedometer) can be booked as an option
  • Housing made of black, additively manufactured high-performance material
  • high-quality surface finish in matt black
  • Laser cut, CNC beveled stainless steel adjustment mechanism

Universally suitable for various bikes.

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BMW K100,
Headlight Masks,

Item number:7782117867732