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BMW R18 Bellypan 'The Manager' Preorder

Made in Germany

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MOTOISM and IRONWOOD MOTORCYCLES joined forces to revolutionize the world of custom motorcycles with a plug&play kit that allows to fully customize the BMW R18 without any modification on the original bike.

Give your big boxer a more aesthetic appeal by enclosing the 1800 cc's with our high-end belly pan made out of Formula 1 materials. Molded from clay to perfection it suits the bike like an armor and makes it beefier in an entirely new way. This is configuration is not for the faint-hearted.

The R18 'The Manager' bellypan is manufactured from carbon fiber and comes with a matt black finish.

The plug&play design allows a hassle free mounting with no strings attached.
  • Made of carbon fiber composite material
  • Very resistant
  • Easy to mount
  • Minimum weight
  • Surface finish in matt black / matt carbon
  • R18
  • R18 classic
  • R18 B
  • R18 Transcontinental

Do you have any questions or need advice on our components?
Just drop us a massage: support@motoism-customs.com


Item number:7774975819988