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BMW K100 battery box LiFePO4

Made in Germany

VAT included. and free return shipping within Germany

Shipping time 5-10 working days

With our battery box, the bulky original battery of the BMW K100 disappears and is replaced by two small lithium batteries. This makes the rear of your K look a lot tidier.

Here you can find more information about the lithium batteries -> Info battery <-


  • Battery box with mounts on the engine block.
  • screws for assembly
  • 2x Lithium LiFePO4 batteries (Must be selected in the dropdown)

  • easy to assemble
  • minimal weight
  • high-quality lacquer finish in matt black
  • very resistant

K 75, K 75 C, K 75 S, K 75 R (year 84 - 2005)

K 100, K 100 RS, K 100 LT, K 100 RT (year 82 - 91)

K 1, K 100 RS 4V (year 88 - 93)

K 1100 RS, K 1100 LT (year 89 - 99)

Do you have any questions or need advice on our components?
Just drop us a massage: support@motoism-customs.com

BMW K100,
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Item number:7781222318292