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Adapter cable KTM / Husqvarna indicators + opt. Resistance

Made in Germany

VAT included. - plus shipping and handling

Shipping time 2-3 working days


The adapter is used for Plug&Play installation of the flashing light.

The KTM/Husqvarna adapter is an essential accessory for every KTM/Husqvarna motorcyclist. Although the original KTM/Husqvarna turn signals are LED turn signals, resistors are often necessary to compensate for the difference in power consumption .

Thanks to the integrated resistor, you can easily retrofit the new turn signals on your motorcycle. The adapter is plug and play and installed within seconds.

In the dropdown you can select the appropriate resistor according to your original indicator. You can usually find the wattage of your original turn signals on your turn signal glass.

Attention: If you order a KTM/Husqvarna turn signal with position light or rear light, this adapter is only used for Plug&Play installation of the turn signal. A power thief is included for the position light. So you can connect the cable of the position light to a permanent line.

The adapters are supplied in pairs .

Various KTM/ Husqvarna models.

Simply check your original plug connection.

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Adapters & Resistors,
KTM / Husqvarna

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