HONDA CB750 Star Rider

Once brought to life in the 1980s, the Honda CB750 was now revived to fulfill its duty. Empowered by future technology and knowledge, it lights the way through the attrition of modern times. Thanks to light-weight carbon components and a nitro power system the force runs now strong in this bike. There are not many of us who survived, my species is rare, limited by numbers, endangered by extinction. I come from earth, a planet of outlaws. My name is Honda CB750. There is one other name they call me by - STARRIDER.

Introducing the Control Pit
The CP2 is an all-in-one solution consisting of a headlight mask, speedometer mount and indicator lights. The control pit is available in different versions.
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Ride it like you stole it, he said
The Honda CB750-STARRIDER is street legal according to the German StVZO and according to the legal guidelines of the EU.
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Starrider Specs


• Donor Bike: Honda CB750 K

• Engine: Four stroke, DOHC air-cooled straight 4 cylinder, 4 valves per cylinder

• Capacity: 743 cc / 45.3 cu-in

• Torque: 66 nm at 7.000 rpm

• Power: 77 hp / 57 kw at 9.000 rpm + n2o-system 7,7 hp / 23 hp


• N2o-system: additional 7,7 hp (street-legal / German TÜV) plus 23 hp (race-track only)

• Custom carbon LED headlight, high / low beam, n2o activation LED

• Custom full-carbon fuel tank

• Custom full-carbon rear wheel rim caps

• Digital tachometer & push button controls

• Cross handlebar & aluminium foot pegs

• LED turn signals front & rear

• WIG-welded subframe

• Custom electronic component housing and integrated n2o bottle holder

• Digital control unit with alarm system & bluetooth control

• Custom leather dual seat with LED backlight

• Custom Öhlins double rear shocks

• Brembo double disc brakes with custom adapters and spacers

• 4 to 1 stainless steel exhaust system and silencer