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the story.


Day-to-day life. Autopilot. Boredom. Vacation. 5-Star hotels. Exhilaration. Repeat. You’re in the driver’s seat of your life, where are you headed?

Michelangelo believed that every block of stone already had a statue inside it, left to be discovered. What’s hidden inside you? At MOTOISM, we see a potential to be more.

That‘s why for us, every part of a bike serves as a hint into the direction of something more - a perfect composition. Some areas needs to be emphasised, some repositioned, and once complete, the true shape is revealed. Everyone deserves to own something unique that represents their individuality, and whether represented by customized parts on a motorcycle or a customized bike itself, we enable that to happen.

In the end, the motorcycle also needs its rider.




Two brothers merged their talents of industrial design and engineering to build what hasn‘t been built before…
Meticulous planning and creative brainstorming later, their idea of an archetypical bike is realized and stands before you today – ready to be challenged by the rider.

It wasn’t entirely so simple. Previously working in the automotive industry, the two Ott brothers left the comfort and safety of a corporate job to pursue their dreams of bringing customized motorcycles to the community. Not wanting to lose themselves in the corporate world, they freed their minds, leaving behind the doubters, and began creating an opportunity to accelerate what‘s already a part of you.

To create a ride, coherent, beautiful but also polarizing.
One for the bad guys to better chase 007, without dying this time.




MOTOISM gathered an overview of all the available components and solutions that a custom build needs. From lightweight carbon fiber fuel tanks to hand crafted exhaust systems, and digital controlling units that allow the rider to access his motorcycle from his phone. Analyzing all the motorcycles in the last 30 years to serve as a basis for a customized motorcycle …

‘Does the technology correspond together?’ ‘What does the original frame in the series look like?’ ‘What modifications can be made and still be street legal?’

Sweat, grit, and several magazine covers later … MOTOISM is more than rebuilding a motorcycle.

Of course there was the vision of a machine that didn’t exist before. But more than that, each bike is an embodiment of an attitude. We want to provoke statements like, ‘I want more thrill in my life, beyond what’s imaginable.’

MOTOISM is about an attitude to life, as much as it is about aesthetics.




We’re constantly building and imagining new possibilities to go one step further. We love to innovate and are happy to include your inputs.
So whether it’s adaptable parts you’re looking for or an entire customized bike, we’re here. Years of working on motorcycles have led us to develop several solutions that the motorcycle world is lacking.
So come join the ride to see what we have in store.